Faith Formation

If the path is beautiful, first confirm where it leads, but if the destination is beautiful, don't bother how the path is keep walking. So also faith is a must to fulfil the law of our Lord, to Love. To deepen the faith of our fellow men the sisters tread the path of pain.

Programmes in the field of faith formation:

Prayer session: We organise Night vigil and 40 hours adoration in the Province every month. As part of faith formation the team members join together and spend time in 3 hours adoration every month. It is with an aim to renew the faith of the flock whom we strive for. One of our houses is specially set apart as prayer house where sisters from other houses also go and participate in the prayers there.

Home Mission : conduct home mission in different parishes. The pain taken by our sisters is abundant to bring about renewal in the minds of people by visiting their houses. Sisters from different houses join their hands in the Lord and make visits especially in remote areas and try to lead the people there to reconciliation if any problems are found.

Christeen Retreat: It is another instance of sisters giving witness to Jesus in front of children to tune the little minds according to His Will. Through different classes, songs and skits the children of our institutions are helped to be attracted to the Love of Jesus.

Chavara Fest: With a vision to make St.Chavara known to others Chavara Fest was celebrated in a grand manner. Different competitions like elocution, quiz, versification and essay writing were conducted for both children and grownups in different sections i.e., H.S, U.P, L.P, Catechism teachers and CWC members from different parishes. Also we arranged a pilgrimage to Mannanam including the selected members from different parishes.

Counselling: It is recognised that at present the people experience great pressure in their mind. Considering that a few sisters are specially trained in the field of counselling and thereby we are able to arrange counselling facility in schools, hospitals and families. 7 of our sisters are full timers in this field.

Parish activities: Ward prayers , Mathruvedhi, Jesus Youth, KCYM, catechism, sacristy work, Mission League and Thirubalasakhyam are the different fields where sisters actively do their service in the parishes with their presence, prayers and hard works.

We give chance to the students to visit Karuna Bhavan and Mercy Home, so that they learn to express love and care towards the poor. Conducted a trip to the Holy land in Kerala for students.

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