Social work

Orphanages: There are 2 Institutions for girls, wherein more than 100 orphans are there. About 5 sisters and some assistants are doing their service in these institutes, helping in the faith formation and holistic development of the children.

Boarding:- Considering the request of the public we run four boarding for the protection and convenience of girl children and working women.

Social Centres: There are two Social Centres which help the women and girl children of the localities to become self-reliant by giving training in tailoring and embroidery. Many unemployed girls are appointed in this centre in different sections like tailoring, flower making, bouquet making for First Holy Communion. As part of wiping out the habit of using plastic from the society, the students of Sanjoe Prathiksha Bhavan make bags of non-plastic materials and it is sold in Chavara Hospital. They make covers for medicine also. Phenol liquid, soap, soap powder, chalk, candles, decoration items etc... are produced and sold from here.

Jail Ministry: In collaboration with JESUS FRATERNITY a group of sisters have ventured into the field of jail ministry. Sisters are animators of the Calicut Unit. Their services include Counselling, prayer services and weekly visit of the jail-inhabitants of Calicut Sub-jail which is directed to help the convicts be aware of their situation so as to change their lives. It was a heart touching experience when our nursery children performed different cultural programmes in front of the jailors on the occasion of Christmas.

Sisters visit the houses of drunkards and counsel them, provide them with chances to participate in the retreats and provide monetary help for their de-addiction, medical treatment and rehabilitation.

As a part of Bio-cultivation gardening and rearing of domestic animals is encouraged and the best ones are rewarded on the occasion of province day celebration.

Once a while the Auto Drivers from the locality are invited and special programmes are arranged in our convents with a view to motivate them.

The permanent workers in our houses are registered to the Government Welfare Fund through the Kerala Labour Movement Organisation.

Special emphasis is given to hold awareness classes for the people at different areas with a vision to upbring them morally and financially.

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