Our founder St. Kuriakose Chavara entrusted us the noble mission of dedicating ourselves for the uplift and faith formation of our fellowmen especially of women and children through education. The spirit of the Founder Father St. Chavara Kuriakose Elias is preserved and kept alive by the generations of sisters who entered the apostolate. Education is not a profession but a sacred call, a great apostolate through which we participate in the teaching mission of the Church. We are keen to give Jesus christ to our students along with inculcating values, developing their talents and helping them realize higher goals. It becomes a part of our family apostolate too when we reach out to families through our students.

Government recognised Infant Jesus School at Thiruvampady , 2 recognised LP schools, 1 unrecognised LP School, 12 Nursery Schools, one bible nursery and one special school are working under CMC St. Mary's Province. Altogether 73 sisters give witness to Jesus through education ministry. In order to fulfil the ultimate aim of saving the souls through the ministry of education, cell groups are formed and the children are given guidance in prayer. Counselling facility is given in the school itself. We give free education to the financially backward children.

With a view to inculcate in them the Christian values we conduct christeen retreat every year. Conducting Holy Mass on first Fridays and observance of the month of Rosary (October) and daily Mercy Rosary are the other practices we follow towards attaining this goal. Sisters encourage children to express special devotion to St. Chavara, St. Euphrasia. They are given prayers to be said in the classes seeking intercession of them in their needs. In the cases of the family problems they are advised to pray Novena to St. Chavara. Students participated in the classes and competitions conducted in connection with the Chavara Fest. Seminars are conducted about St. Chavara and St. Euphrasia spirituality in connection with their feasts. We have started sharing the spirituality of Mother Mary Celine the Servant of God.

The programmes that are conducted on special occasions are in a way to promote social and cultural awareness In children.

Sanjoe Special School:

Sanjoe Prathiksha school is considered a special gift to us, where our sisters devote themselves earnestly for looking after mentally challenged children. They have proved their dedication when special awards came in search of this institution.

The garden of medical plants in Sanjoe Prethiksha Bhavan Special School was awarded with Harithevana School Award by OISCA International Organisation. It received the Panjayath level recognition too. As part of abolition of plastic, the students of this school make bags of non-plastic materials for Chavara Hospital and also make medicine covers for a Medical Shop nearby. The students are also trained to make rosaries and chains using beads.

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