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About St.Mary's Province

Image by Dan Meyers

The history of St. Mary’s Province dates back to the year 1956 when our sisters from the diocese of Pala started serving the people of God who migrated to the Malabar region. Four of our sisters came here and the first house was established at Koodaranji on 7th June 1956. The seed that was planted flourished under the careful guidance of Mar Sebastian Valloppilly, the founder Bishop of the Diocese of Thalassery. In 1986 marked the erection of the new diocese of Thamarassery. The houses in the geographical region of the Thamarassery dioceses bifurcated from St. Joseph’s Province Thalassery and were formed into a new Province, St. Mary’s Province Thamarassery on 24th September 1995. At that time we had 14 houses and 116 members. Now we have 19 houses in Kerala, 2 houses in Bijnor diocese and one residence in Regensburg, Germany and 210 members. Blessed Virgin Mary is our mother and mould. We try to respond to our call like our heavenly mother who devoted herself as the handmaid to the person and mission Divine word.



First Convent started ( Koodaranji)TITLE


St. Mary's Province Thamarassery  launced

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