Healing ministry

Healing is not only an alleviation of bodily pain but also a response to a persons search for liberation. Through this noble Apostolate of caring the sick, the suffering, humanity experiences the healing touch of Jesus.

Our province is blessed with three allopathic doctors and four Homoeo doctors. Altogether 40 sisters do their service in tending the sick. Two Homoeo dispensaries and Chavara Hospital in Thamarrassery are our own fields of service in healing ministry. Also 11 of our sisters are engaged in healing ministry in abroad.

It is praiseworthy that they find time to be with Jesus in spite of all hectic hours of hard work. They attend night vigil every week and pray Rosary in the hospital in a way to be heard by the patients and use Word of God while praying it. Counselling is given to the patients along with medicine to strengthen their mind. They help them to deepen their faith by giving them the medals, special prayers and Novena of St. Chavara and St. Euphrasia. Sisters visit the house of Cancer patients and help them to face death fearlessly. They are also working with Pain and Palliative Unit of Medical College Calicut. Our doctor sisters conduct awareness programme at different places and with the help of lab assistance do free blood sugar test there. 

Four our sisters are full timers in Palliative Home care. A wing of the Chavara Hospital is kept only for the palliative care of ths poor patients.

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